Microbiology. Another word for sterile. Sterile Hybrids (Haldane’s Rule) Evolutionary biologist J.B.S. What is Sterilization? Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and protists. Self-sterile definition is - sterile to its own pollen or sperm. Microbiology terminology Glossary of microbiology terms . What does sterile mean? Description. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples (US, military) Of weapons: foreign-made and untraceable to the United States. sterility definition: 1. Created. Though male zonkeys are … Sterile technique, in general, ... Sterilization as a definition means that all life was terminated, whereas sanitization and disinfection terminates selectively and partially. Sterile pyuria can be broadly defined as the presence of leucocytes in the urine in the absence of demonstrable urinary tract infection. – Sterile hold and filling times – Acceptance criteria – Results from the past 12 months • Container closure integrity • Information required for every site • Definition of a ‘batch’ Microbiology Data Requirements for Submissions for 7 Registration of Sterile Products . In mammals, males are the heterogametic sex because they carry both an X and Y chromosomes. 8 . Aseptic technique is essentially the backbone of microbiology. Sterile definition: Something that is sterile is completely clean and free from germs . Define the following terms: pure culture, sterile medium, inoculum, aseptic technique, and colony. Aseptic technique is a procedure used by medical staff to prevent the spread of infection. Level. Information and translations of sterile in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Click here to study/print these flashcards. Aseptic technique is a set of best practices that healthcare professionals use to prevent the transfer of germs in clinics and hospitals and protect patients from infection. Where sterility will be claimed, regulatory agencies worldwide require that the sterilizing-grade filter(s) be integrity tested to ensure filter performance is verified prior to and after filter use. Haldane first noted in 1922 that genetic hybrids are often inviable or sterile. Sterile definition, free from living germs or microorganisms; aseptic: sterile surgical instruments. A pure culture is usually derived from a mixed culture (one containing many species) by transferring a small sample into new, sterile growth medium in such a manner as to disperse the individual cells across the medium surface or by thinning the sample manyfold before inoculating the new medium. Not producing or incapable of producing offspring. STERILE TECHNIQUE is a common sense system of practices used when handling microorganisms in culture to prevent contamination of the cultures and those working with them. Microbiology Definition. Definition of sterile in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning and definition of sterile: sterile Free of microorganisms. Aseptic technique is a set of routine measures that are taken to prevent cultures, sterile media stocks, and other solutions from being contaminated by unwanted microorganisms (i.e., sepsis). Subject. Microorganisms are even carried on dust particles in the air. exam 4 microbiology. Find more ways to say sterile, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Pure culture, in microbiology, a laboratory culture containing a single species of organism. Types of hand hygiene and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), antiseptics on skin, and dedicated areas and equipment differ. The major differences in clean and sterile, in health care, involve the techniques employed when performing certain procedures. In medicine, clean, aseptic and sterile techniques are employed for different procedures. Total Cards. Aseptic technique, designed to provide a barrier between the microorganisms in the environment and the sterile cell culture, depends upon a set of procedures to reduce the probability of contamination from these sources. Additional Microbiology Flashcards . Define the following terms: obligate aerobe, microaerophile, obligate anaerobe, aerotolerant anaerobe, and facultative anaerobe. Further, he noted that in most hybrids the heterogametic sex is more affected than the homogametic sex. Sterile Technique It is very important in microbiology to work with pure cultures. When considering food health, … A sterile medical device is a device that must be free from live bacteria or other microorganisms and their spores. (in animals and people) the condition of being unable to produce young, or (in plants) the…. adj. final. State and define the three types of growth that may be seen in a broth culture. A Zonkey at a zoo. 1980, Russell Warren Howe, Weapons: The International Game of Arms, Money and Diplomacy: An early CIA decision was to bring war surplus in Europe to the United States, rather than … a sterile kitchen table. sterile - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. "The three-step method has applications for an important commercial segment that needs testing and evaluation of decontaminant, sporicidal and sterilant agents for defense, food processing and medical applications, as well as for bactericidal soaps, lotions, cleaners, paints and many other products for household and commercial use that can involve microbicidal activity," said Sagripanti. Meaning of sterile. Sterile technique synonyms, Sterile technique pronunciation, Sterile technique translation, English dictionary definition of Sterile technique. It also includes the study of viruses, which are not technically classified as living organisms but do contain genetic material. Sterile Pyuria Definition. Unfortunately this is difficult. Did you know that there are permanent birth control methods? The medium is inoculated with bacteria and placed in an incubator at the appropriate temperature. Finished product testing • Sterility testing – Pharmacopoeial . These practices succeed only if the tools, culture vessels, and media being used are sterile to begin with, and if the worker understands how to prevent contamination of the cultures and workspace. To create a broth culture, a scientist begins with a sterile liquid growth medium. Undergraduate 2. Free from dangerous objects, as a zone in an airport that can be only be entered via a security checkpoint. General Aseptic Techniques in Microbiology Laboratory. In biology, serial dilution is often associated with reducing the concentration of cells in a culture to simplify the operation. For the term sterile may also exist other definitions and meanings, the meaning and definition indicated above are indicative not be used for medical and legal or special purposes. Create your own flash cards! Sign up here. In general, surgical instruments and medications that enter an already aseptic part of the body (such as the bloodstream, or penetrate the skin) must be sterilized to a high sterility assurance level (SAL). All Free. b. Learn more. 104. In order to protect sterile broth, plates, slants and pure cultures from the microbes all around us, we must practice sterile (aseptic) technique. Aseptic procedures are used in microbiology. The elements of aseptic technique are a sterile work area, good personal hygiene, sterile reagents and media, and sterile handling. Aseptic techniques refer to any method used to sterilize and maintain the sterility of an object or location. 1. a. 12/14/2015. Sterile medical device requirements are defined by national or regional standards and regulations, which detail the sterility requirements. Sterile filtration is commonly employed for microbial removal and plays a pivotal role in assuring final product sterility. Likely a sterile medium means an uncontaminated culture (food free of living organisms) that will grow only the new bacteria introduced for analysis. The goal is to reach asepsis, which means an environment that is free of harmful microorganisms. Learn more here. It is a fundamental skill for working in a microbiology laboratory. The world around us is covered with microorganisms. ‘The holes were flushed with sterile saline to ensure they were clear of debris.’ ‘Broader access to sterile syringes, however, may be an uphill battle.’ ‘Sterile syringes and needles should be given to confirmed drug addicts.’ ‘The home grower is under less pressure and conditions are not normally as sterile.’ These methods are called sterilization.Sterilization is a permanent procedure to prevent pregnancy. Therefore, the definition of commercial sterility has been expanded to include those processes. Objectives of Serial dilution The objective of the serial dilution method is to estimate the concentration (number of organisms, bacteria, viruses, or colonies) of an unknown sample by enumeration of the number of colonies cultured from serial dilutions of the sample. See more. Sterile means that there are no living germs or bacteria (perhaps only dead ones). Sterilization (microbiology), a term referring to any process that eliminates or kills all forms of life from an item or field; Sterility (physiology), an inability of a living organism to effect sexual reproduction . Term. Cards Return to Set Details. Sterile Processing and Microbiology There are two primary reasons for sterile processing technicians in the healthcare setting to be cognizant of the basics of microbiology: 1)The primary role of the sterile processing professional is that of infection control prevention.