Bob z. Back to top. Is using WPC Vinyl overkill for moving such a home? plastic composite decking boards. If WPC vinyl is not in your budget for all areas, I’d recommend engineered hardwood or a water-resistant laminate. How does WPC hold up under heavy furniture? Can WPC flooring planks be used in 3 season rooms in Michigan where temps are extremely cold and hot? However, if your floor is totally unlevel, not even magical WPC vinyl can fix that for you. That’s because WPC is 100% waterproof, unlike wood floors which will show extreme water damage if liquid is not cleaned up immediately. I love it!! The wife and I have been remodelling our kitchen and dining room to help give us some nice quality of life changes. However, most people looking to purchase a home would have no idea that your gorgeous wood-look floor is actually vinyl. Outdoor decking using Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) is a mixture of ground wood particles and heated thermoplastic resin. you can easily install the flooring yourself. All you need is the occasional vacuum and damp mop to keep your WPC looking fabulous. We participate in more than. SPC vinyl flooring does not expand or contract in extreme temperatures, but if this is an outdoor room or patio, you may want to go with something other than vinyl, such as composite deck tiles. The thicker the wear layer, the buffer your bodybuilder, you feel me? Thank you for posting so much information about WPC! These. Thank you for your question. Composite wood flooring is a flooring option that uses real wood engineered with special properties such as moisture resistance and high durability. WPC flooring contains a solid, waterproof WPC core. This is where you get your gorgeous photo imagery that makes the vinyl look (nearly) identical to natural materials like stone and wood. Density is how compact the core is made. welcome to Seven Trust - wood plastic composite Manufacturers & Suppliers. Many WPC floors can be installed over radiant heat. While WPC is 100% waterproof, it’s still possible for moisture to come up through your subfloor and get stuck between the concrete and your plank, which could cause a bad situation. You can filter our vinyl products specifically for products made in the USA. Take Iniwood decking for instance: Traditional composite decking on the market is made by mixed wood powder, but we put oak fiber and organic color powder in it, which make the color of Iniwood decking is more stable than normal. Each plank is carefully crafted to provide your family—and your pets—with an exceptionally resilient and durable surface to handle whatever life throws your way. It’s going to feel sturdier, and more substantial beneath your feet, as well as covering up for a less-than-stellar subfloor. Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile 3 seasons homes?? WPC seems to be the only thing that is stable but I’m concerned about its stability and resistance to any moisture that might migrate from the ground. So you wouldn’t want to use it to floor your entire backyard, but it’s great for any room in the house or business. There is not much difference between SPC and WPC in terms of what designs each one offers. Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Flooring combines the strength of natural wood with the simplicity and low maintenance of luxury vinyl. We just recommend you keep ’em inside. It was very helpful. WPC vinyl is great for bathroom flooring but isn’t a good solution for showers. (, Over 500,000 customers and 40,000 product reviews. And, there is a laser focus on bringing out realistic visuals. I have an older small hose that I just want to sell pretty quickly after years of some neglect. Does that mean it can be used as the floor in the shower as well? Seriously, vinyl is changing. Thank you so much for this posting. ... Tiles are made of 8 air-dried wood face slats, held together with 3 hardwood runners affixed with stainless steel screws. What is WPC Vinyl Flooring? Dubai Exhibition Nov,25th-28th,2019 The exhibition is one of the main ways we go to the world. You need to consider a number of things, for various environments and(/or) rooms. I expect suppliers to continue to innovate in the coming years to help fuel the growth of this category.” – Amy Rush-Imber, Editor in Chief, Floor Covering Weekly. Why WPC and Not Laminate or Regular Vinyl? This means more dent resistance. We have some in our office and we find that business owners absolutely love it. Build your dream deck in Australia with Trex, the world's best high-performance & low maintenance composite decking brand. Why Homeowners & Builders Love CompositeWarehouse Composite Decking Boards.