This re-shake of the lineup was then followed by the very modern Elf Mi-Pack in April 1972. Initial models were the Elf 150 and 250. That means you can buy any new Isuzu and claim an immediate deduction for the total tax amount. isuzu npr / npr-hd gas One of the beauties of the N-Series line is that it gives you a choice - gas* or diesel. This was combined with the introduction of the heavier duty, 3.5-tonne (7,700 lb) Elf 350. These include the original integrated bed, as well as a separate truckbed with dropsides. Isuzu Commercial Truck of America. If you don't see the Isuzu NPR … SRS dual airbags, ABS brakes, ASR (Anti-Skid Regulator) and cruise control are all standard too. That's why we call them Takeaway Trucks. Another OEM deal was forged at this time and the Elf was now also marketed as the Mazda Titan in parallel. With a class-leading GVM rating and a peak power output of 140kW, this truck is available in single cab-chassis and crew cab models. 2002 Isuzu NPR 70 Manual Tipper Truck. An Isuzu Service Agreement does the same for your business; it smooths out your cash flow across the year and saves you from unexpected bills. The H-series 4.0-liter 4HE1 and 4.3-liter 4HF1. Local assembly has been increasing because of increasing demand in the Colombian and neighboring markets. This was the first of the second generation Elfs to be introduced, heavier duty models soon followed and replaced the first generation variants.[17]. Isuzu Commercial Truck of America. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Collection in person. In Malaysia, this truck is manufactured by Heavy Industries Corporation of Malaysia (Isuzu HICOM Malaysia) under the name of HICOM Perkasa, but carrying the Isuzu N-Series Commando badge. 2015 Isuzu NPR HD 16FT DRY BOX.TRUCK UNDER LIFTGATE BOX TRUCK CARGO 141,591 Mil. The third generation Elf arrived in June 1975. Ryder Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales features a huge inventory of used trucks. Our Ready-to-work range are ready to go the day you buy them. [12] A little later, the chassis codes were reorganized and were now TLG10/11 for the petrol models and TLD10/11 for the diesels. It was originally only available with the 1.5 L (1,491 cc) GL150 petrol engine rated at 60 PS (44 kW). [19] In January 1980, the Elf was updated to meet Japan's 1979 emissions standards, which was also when the design was changed to accommodate a tilting cab. Isuzu NPS 4x4 (2020) Review There is one particular Isuzu truck in the country that we’ve always wanted to drive. Free local pickup. [27], This model was also manufactured in China, by BLAC (Beijing Light Automobile Corporation) from 1984 until 2002. Has been for over 30 years*. Your Isuzu NPR is versatile, hard-working, and dependable. Want to learn more? So in an Isuzu, you’ll always work safe. [20], The fourth generation Elf range appeared in July 1984. Gamache Truck Center Heavy truck - # STOCK: C-28700 2014 ISUZU NPR HD CAMION FOURGON DRY BOX 2014 ISUZU NPR HD STRAIGHT BODY TRUCK DRY BOX VAN THE VEHICLES ARE LOCATED AT: 609 PRINCIPALE, SAINT-PAUL-DE L’ÎLE-AUX-NOIX, QUÉBEC, J0J 1G0 Engine: ISUZU 4HK1TC Liters: 5.19 litre HP: 210 hp @ 2500 rpm Odometer: 250,000 KM Transmission: AUTOMATIQUE Front axle: 5,360 Rear … working through your phones WiFi or mobile data connection iTuner allows you to connect to internet radio stations around the world. all Isuzu Trucks come sat-nav ready and by upgrading to Isuzu Satellite Navigation you will gain access to features such as e. SRS dual airbags, ABS brakes, ASR (Anti-Skid Regulator) and cruise control. Regular services help ensure that your truck continues to run smoothly - so you don’t have to worry about unexpected problems. H ow can I keep my Isuzu work truck at peak performance?. Tri Leasing Corp Pompano Beach. [14] In 1965, the Elf received a facelift, now having twin headlights. The cab-over 2-tonne (4,400 lb) Elf (TL221) was originally introduced in August 1959. Get information about this Isuzu Curb-weight Specifications In 2006, Australian brothers Dave and Andrew Ong stood outside the defunct Times Square Brewing Company in New York, US, looking longingly inside to an establishment that was being gutted and refurbished after its recent purchase by the Disney Group. [17] In October 1970, this part of the range became the Elf 150 while the regular Elf (2-2.5 tonnes) became the Elf 250; the 250 was updated to a 2.4-litre diesel engine. Among the top selling Isuzu trucks may very well be their older model trucks that continue to have a lot of life left in them for the right commercial enterprises. In 1979 a bigger 3.3-liter version of the 2-tonne (4,400 lb) Elf 250 was introduced, called the "Elf 250 Super". In March 1983, the diesel engines were again modified, reflecting new Japanese emissions standards for commercial vehicles. It features independent front suspension, font/rear disc brakes as well as SRS dual airbags and cruise control as standard. isuzu nqr truck. Se e the detailed schedule below for more information. This generation of the Elf was exported widely across the world and manufactured in several different countries, including the United States. The third letter denotes drivetrain layout; here an R means rear-wheel drive while S signifies four-wheel drive. In 2016, it reintroduced the model as the Low Cab Forward (LCF) series, named simply the Chevrolet 3500, 4500, or 5500, and available with the same gasoline or diesel engines.[31]. [22] It was also the first model to use the long-running Isuzu N-series label. Isuzu has the widest truck dealer network in Australia. The gasoline engine was rated at 275 to 325 hp (205 to 242 kW) at 4,600 rpm and 330 to 350 lb⋅ft (447 to 475 N⋅m) of torque at 2,800 rpm. In 1964, the long wheelbase model became the standard version. Whether you want a gas engine or a diesel engine, we have Class 3-6 trucks for your business. [24] These models were also sold as the Isuzu NPR/NRR respectively, with Isuzu adding the "Flatlow" model with low-profile 15-inch rear tires for a lower frame height.[25]. 2018 Isuzu NPR HD 6.0L gaz,Boite de 22 pieds avec rampe Isuzu NPR HD 2018 avec boite de 22 pieds 8 pieds de haut avec rampe arrière,moteur a gaz 6.0L,automatique,camion en très bonne condition,bas km,déflecteur d`air sur le toit,permis classe 5, masse total 14.500 lb … Whatever support you need, wherever you are, Care is just a Freecall away: 1800 035 640. From street sweepers, to landscape dump trucks, to car carriers and the numerous refrigerated and dry van bodies, Isuzu N-Series has a diesel truck to fit your needs. [19] It arrived in 1982 and replaced the less powerful 4BC1 which had been introduced in 1979. All 4x2 Models now have Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC)*. Our Isuzu NPR are available and ready for you now. This 2020 Isuzu NPR HD 2dr 15FT TRASH DUMP TRUCK ..51in SIDE WALLS features a 6.0L V8 OHV 16V GM GAS 8cyl Gasoline engine. In the United States, the Elf was marketed as the Isuzu NPR and Chevrolet/GMC W series, each available with either the 4HE1 4.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine or GM's L31 Vortec 5.7-liter gasoline engine and 4L80-E Automatic Transmission. Not only is there a range of powerful and efficient engines, you can choose from crew cab, 4x4 and Ready-to-Work models too. In September 1969, the "Light Elf" was upgraded to 1.5-tonne (3,300 lb) and now offered a more powerful 1.6-liter engine (G161AB) rated at 75 PS (55 kW). The Isuzu Elf (Japanese: いすゞ・エルフ, Isuzu Erufu) is a medium duty truck produced by Isuzu since 1959. The Isuzu N Series features an intuitive multimedia unit with a 6.2”display as standard. Entry-level trucks have never been more top-of-the-line. The body of the truck has four door compartments with storage for … More ISUZU Cab Chassis Trucks for sale at TruckSmart Isuzu The vehicle is White with a Gray interior. [13] In 1964, the diesel version was also upgraded to the larger 2.2-litre C220 engine rated at 62 PS (46 kW). In Japan, this generation was only offered with direct injection diesel engines, introducing the new 2.8-liter 87 PS (64 kW) 4JB1 family industrial version with dual mode transmission depending in application and the 3.6-liter 4BE1 direct injection engine for the Elf 250 and Elf 350 NPR. This was also assembled in Colombia (alongside the heavier F series), where it was sold as the Chevrolet NKR, NPR, or NQR. All Isuzu accessories are designed and manufactured to meet Isuzu’s rigorous engineering and styling standards. Because of its high price combined with customer reluctance to a front-wheel drive truck it was retired after only a few years on the market. The Atlas Max was based on the new, lighter duty Elf 100 (June 1995) which was available with a 2.0-liter petrol or a 2.5 or 2.7-liter diesel engine.[27]. £2,875.00. The range was originally mainly available in Japan and other Asian countries. Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC) is also available on certain models. truck is not going where you want it to go, IESC will strategically apply the brakes to assist the driver to stay in control. At no extra cost, Isuzu Assist is a 24-hour roadside assistance programme providing Isuzu customers with additional peace of mind. It’s a tweaked Isuzu NPS 300 Crew – and it has to be one of the coolest trucks on the African continent. North America only receives the wide-cab version. The heavier duty Elf 350 was not immediately replaced but continued in production until the 1980 model year, when in February a 350 model of the third generation Elf was introduced ("350 Wide"). nps 300 4x4 The NPS 300 4×4 is an extremely capable and versatile offroad / on-road workhorse that is capable of hauling a 3 ton payload over the roughest terrain. IFS, coupled with rack and pinion steering on NLR, NMR and selected NNR models means improved ride quality and car-like handling. Slide left and right markers to select GVM range. In the US it was sold as the Chevrolet Tiltmaster, and also as the GMC Forward which replaced their L series which was vintage 1960, and had a 165 hp (123 kW) turbodiesel straight-six engine. In April 1968, the second generation Elf appeared (TL21/TLD21 series). The is the flagship of our light truck range. npr pro / npr 150 / nqr pro ( gvw 7,500 kg / gvw 7,500 kg / gvw 8,500 kg ) The … Buy It Now. The N series is with available with Manual, Automated Manual or Automated Manual with Torque Converter Transmission, designed and tested specifically for trucks. In August 1967, the all-new "Isuzu Light Elf" was added to the existing lineup; this lighter duty version was rated for a 1.25-tonne payload (2,800 lb). "Chinese Car Brands That Time Forgot: Fuzhou Automobile Works and Forta", "ISUZU:Principal Overseas Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Offices", "Isuzu deslocaliza produção de Vendas Novas para Itália", "Pabrik Mobil Isuzu di Karawang Rp 1,7 Triliun Resmi Beroperasi", "Thursday is last day of production as Isuzu line comes to end",, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, "Chevrolet alcanza el récord de 20.000 camiones armados en Chile", "GM returns to medium-duty truck market, partners with Isuzu",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Isuzu N-Series (USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe), This page was last edited on 31 December 2020, at 09:37. With short, medium and long wheelbase models, it’s a light truck that goes to any length to suit your needs. Then backs it all with legendary Isuzu reliability. It’s 2 am and the lights are still on in Darryl Moore’s home office. It is the most comprehensive standard roadside assistance programme available to Australian truck buyers. The Elf is sold as an Elf in some markets aside from the domestic Japanese, such as Mexico and Indonesia, but in most export markets it is called the Isuzu N series. So, it’s not only powerful, it’s an extremely capable leader. No matter what your business, reliability is everything. That's why Genuine Isuzu Parts make all the difference for all your maintenance and repair needs. Isuzu Extended Care is also available; a 5-year factory warranty that provides additional peace of mind after a standard warranty would have expired. Pre-Owned. Features include: iTuner: working through your phones WiFi or mobile data connection iTuner allows you to connect to internet radio stations around the world. Isuzu Truck NKR Rotherham, South Yorkshire Note: The price displayed for this vehicle (£2700.00) is exclusive of VAT. Click on any of the Isuzu NPR units shown below to review each unit’s details, including rear and/or sliding-side doors to meet your business’s needs. The 2014 ISUZU N-Series gas truck is powered by General Motor's 6.0L Gen IV small block V-8 engine, coupled to a new double overdrive 6-speed automatic transmission with lockup torque converter that improves both vehicle performance and fuel economy. New 2020 ISUZU NPR-HD Cab Chassis Truck for sale in Morrisville,PA PA #12211. Australia was another important market for the Elf and N series – to the extent that it was manufactured there from the 1970s using many local components. has two pipe doors on the back of the truck … Collection in person. Be sure to check your businesses eligibility at An OEM deal with Nissan led to the Elf also being badged as a Nissan Atlas and a Nissan Diesel Condor 20/30/35 beginning at this time, followed by the Nissan Atlas Max from 1996 until 2000. To keep your Isuzu commercial vehicle running at optimal performance, Isuzu Canada and Humberview Trucks experts recommend servicing your truck every 8,000 km or 150 engine hours. The Mi-Pack was a front-wheel drive model with a flat and low loading floor, only 450 mm (18 in) off the ground. [26] This was followed by a second facelift in June 1990, after which the grille became a single. Isuzu ended up offering a very wide variety of bodyworks for the first generation Elf. Text to Speech SMS: the Isuzu N Series will read your SMS messages to you to allow you to keep your eyes on the road. You’re viewing a 2016 Isuzu NPR HD NEW 11 Foot Dump Truck #000216. For the third generation Elf the diesel engines had been modernized for more ease of operation, while the world's then smallest direct injection diesel engine - the 3.3-liter 4BC2 - was also introduced. [30], The headlight-turnsignal cluster is now configured in the shape of the Isuzu "twin bar" logo, which was used from 1974-1991. Turbo diesel engine with 92,637 miles, spring suspension, automatic transmission with overdrive, disc brakes, 215/85R15 tires is good condition, and A/C. [19] In September 1987, a 16 ft. heavier version Elf 350 wide was added to the range. This truck is powered by a 5.2L diesel motor and an automatic transmission with 91,238 miles. And it looks great too. The Micro Bus originally had the Route Van's bodywork but was more passenger-oriented (seating 12 or 15). The N Series range starts here – and it’s already a step ahead. ISUZU TRUCKS FORWARD N75.190 AUTO 3 … THE ISUZU AWD & 4X4 RANGE Need a truck that can tackle the road, even when there isn't a … It’s a no-brainer. The 16 ft chassis with H-series engine was standard while the 14 ft version was optional and is still in production. Crew variants are available across NLS, NNR, NPR, NPS and NQR models. [23] The Forward and the Tiltmaster were offered as Class 3 or Class 5 trucks, with 13,250 or 16,000 lb (6,010 or 7,260 kg) GVWR respectively. The Isuzu NPR was introduced later in mid-1985 with a turbocharged four-cylinder 3.9 L (116 HP) diesel engine. This includes trucks like the Isuzu NPR Flatbed Truck, the Isuzu NPR Box Truck, the NPR Refrigerated Truck, and the Isuzu NQR Cab Chassis Truck. 4 watchers. There was also a "Elf 150 Super" version, which has the larger, 2.4-liter C240 diesel engine which was usually installed in the Elf 250. It was nicknamed "Tora-san" after Kiyoshi Atsumi's (a famous Japanese actor) most beloved film character which supposedly looked similar. 86% of Isuzu commercial vehicles ever sold in America are still registered. A walk-through van ("Elf Hi-Roof") was also introduced, another first for Japan. Outside Japan it is known as N series. 86% of Isuzu commercial vehicles ever sold in America are still registered. And when coupled with our 150PS engines now comes with a torque converter for quicker acceleration and a smoother ride. It carried the TL121/151/21/251B chassis codes, and from 1961 it received its own rear bodywork with bigger glazing. In March 1960, a 2.0-liter diesel engine rated at 52 PS (38 kW) was introduced (TL121/151), a first for the class in Japan - this was soon followed by diesel models from Isuzu's competitors. Since the early 1980s, it has also been sold and built in the United States (under the Chevrolet and GMC brand as a W-Series), and also as the Isuzu N-Series. This truck was the first model that had a tilt-cab. You can choose between Isuzu common rail intercooled turbo-diesel engines, ranging from 110kW (150PS) to 140kW (190PS), Producing 375Nm and 513Nm of torque respectively. Brand New. In the United States, the Elf was marketed as the Isuzu NPR and Chevrolet/GMC W series, each available with either the 4HE1 4.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine or GM's L31 Vortec 5.7-liter gasoline engine and 4L80-E Automatic Transmission. But sometimes you need also need serious grunt. In 1986 a heavier duty 220 hp (164 kW) 8.4-litre diesel version of the Forward was added to the US market. The Isuzu NPR runs off a General Motors 6-L Vortec engine offering 297 hp and 372 lb-ft of torque, so your mechanics aren’t working on an engine that’s unfamiliar or overly engineered. While the third generation Elf was mostly replaced in 1984, the "Route Van" (three- or six-seater van version) continued in production until the early 1990s. or Best Offer. The fourth Elf/N-series originally had twin rectangular headlamps and a grille with five separate segments (seven for the Wide Cab models). The lighter four-wheeled models are commonly used as an intercity Angkot (share taxi), as a school bus, or as an employee bus. The non turbo 4JB1 featured a new VE Rotary injection pump which increase power to 90 PS. With single and crew cab options available, the N Series is built to accommodate you (and your crew) in comfort. The 2.8 4JB1 and 4JB1T are standard on both Elf 150 10 ft/14 ft and Elf 250 along with 3.6 4BE1. Isuzu's 3-year factory warranty has been designed to complement the extensive range of Isuzu Trucks. When you choose TOM'S TRUCK CENTER of Santa Fe Springs, CA, you can rest assured that we're here to get you back on the road. Watch; 2015 Isuzu NPR HD 16FT DRY BOX.TRUCK UNDER LIFTGATE BOX TRUCK CARGO 146498 Mile. Isuzu N Series 4x4 and all-wheel-drive options flatten the steepest hills and make light work of loose gravel. All N Series cabs are built to the internationally-recognized ECE-R29 cab strength safety standard, so they’re world-class. £3,750.00. It packs performance, drivability and safety with low operating costs, productivity and comfort. Classified Ad. Among the top selling Isuzu trucks may very well be their older model trucks that continue to have a lot of life left in them for the right commercial enterprises. [21], In 1981, the Elf range underwent another facelift, with an updated dashboard as well. [29], The fifth generation Isuzu Elf appeared in July 1993, with more sculpted headlights. The N Series is available with the only bull bar to be certified and backed by Isuzu Australia. $31,900.00. New Listing TB2518-466898 Turbocharger for 1988-1994 Isuzu NPR Truck GMC 3.9L New 1988-1994 America's No.1 Selling Low Cab Forward Truck Since 1986. To help boost the economy during the COVID-19 downturn, the ATO has extended the instant asset write-off to purchases up to $150,000. $31,900.00. [16] The Elf Bus later became its own line, called the Isuzu Journey. Tri Leasing Corp Pompano Beach. 2019 Isuzu NPR-HD, Isuzu, GMPT-V8 6L GAS, 297HP, Isuzu 6 speed Auto Transmission, Day Cab, This truck is a plumber or HVAC dream truck. The fourth Elf/N series originally had twin rectangular headlamps and a grille with five separate segments (seven for the Wide Cab models). [28] Later it was also built by YCACO, a subsidiary of Guangzhou. [10] It had single headlights and rear-hinged doors. It is equipped with a Automatic transmission. Regardless of what your engine’s packing, it’s the finishing touches that you invest in that can make the difference to your comfort and productivity. Because a Ute transmission simply isn’t up to the task. Isuzu NQR Easy Shift 4x2 Cab and Chasis Lorry. Isuzu Commercial Truck of America provides this functionality to browse or search for the Isuzu parts or accessories you need, but to make a purchase, you must select an authorized Isuzu dealer. After a company reorganization it has been built by them as the Guangzhou Hino 300J (YC5040XXY) since 2008, with a redesigned front and various other improvements. A longer wheelbase version, on 2,460 mm (97 in) versus the 2,180 mm (86 in) of the regular version, was also available. From Hong Kong +C $49.51 shipping. Universal Car Parts Fit Pipe Diameter 46mm-71mm Muffler Rear Exhaust End Pipe (Fits: More than one vehicle) Brand New. [20] In 1978, Isuzu also sold their millionth Elf. This is where the N Series delivers serious versatility and serious smarts. By the time the full range was available, the fifth generation Elf was retired. which replaced the long running 4BA1 as the standard Elf 150 10 ft. And Elf 150 14 ft. 6 wheel. lower opening and the headlights were changed to more aerodynamic, single-piece units. With social media savvy, business and marketing nous, and an eagerness to improve and adapt, Managing Directors Jamie Yeomans and Ashley Formston have found quick success among Melbourne’s chippies. With the same bodywork there was also a more habitable bus version available; this was marketed as the Isuzu Journey S and was based on the Elf 150 (KAD51ZB). Satellite Navigation: all Isuzu Trucks come sat-nav ready and by upgrading to Isuzu Satellite Navigation you will gain access to features such as enhanced 3D map images incorporating city models and landmarks, truck specific information and route calculation, text to speech guidance and split screen functionality that allows you to view maps and media simultaneously. [15] The Elf Light Bus has integrated bodywork with the long wheelbase and seats 21 passengers (chassis codes BL171/271 for the diesel/petrol) while the Elf Micro Bus fits into the very narrow slot between the Route Van and the Light Bus. Collection in person. In May 2004, subsequent to a few minor changes, the Elf underwent a more major facelift with new and larger trapezoidal headlamps. The Elf 250 Wide and 350 Wide were added, with KT and KS chassis codes respectively, meaning that the second generation Elf 350 could finally be retired. Isuzu Care is the most comprehensive customer care truck programme ever seen in Australia. the Isuzu N Series will read your SMS messages to you to allow you to keep your eyes on the road. In May 1995 it received a minor change, including upgraded, cleaner diesel engines. [26] Later, the long stroke 4BD1 direct injection engine with or without a turbocharger was added to the Elf 250, as was a four-wheel drive version with dual mode manual transmission. It carries "Tecnología Isuzu" (with Isuzu Technology) lettering. The Elf 250 was originally only available with the 110 PS (81 kW) 4BE1 engine. In Indonesia, Philippines and several other countries, the Elf is not only used as a truck, but also converted into microbuses by local body makers. It's available for businesses with an annual turnover of up to $500 million. Isuzu NPR Used Trucks For Sale. #5787: This 1999 Isuzu NPR Food Catering Truck features a 4 cyl. TG 2493, ISUZU NKR TURBO, INTERCOOLED, 4X2 DAY CAB, MANUAL GEARBOX, DOUBLE PASSENGER SEAT, FITTED WITH 11 FOOT ALIMINIUM DROPSIDE BODY, TOW BALL WITH ELECTRICS, VERY GOOD CO ... is exclusive of VAT. When you make that selection, you will leave an Isuzu Commercial Truck of America authorized site and be directed to the selected dealer’s authorized site. Our frames accommodate a wide range of body applications. Classified Ad. The second letter denotes weight rating, with H and K being used for the regular cab, M for the High Cab, and P, Q, and R for the Wide Cab model. Isuzu NPR-HD There’s an Isuzu truck for virtually any medium-duty need. So, whether you’re ready for a test drive, or your Ready-to-Work truck is ready for a service, you can stop in at a convenient Isuzu Dealership near you – no matter where you are. £2,500.00. The Elf Wide has a cabin width of 1,910 mm (75 in), rather than the 1,690 mm (67 in) cabin used in the TL and KA series Elfs. The N Series may be a light truck, but it’s loaded with so many cabin options, drivetrains, features and technology it’s heavyweight in versatility. The Isuzu N Series is Australia’s number one light truck. Plus, OEM parts come with the promise of quality and dependability. America's No.1 Selling Low Cab Forward Truck Since 1986. The NPS 300 4×4 SWA is available with a single rear wheel configuration and is powered by the Isuzu 5.2L common rail diesel engine that delivers 110kW @ 2 600rpm with 404Nm torque peaking @ 1 500rpm. Along with traction control and a whole host of other safety features. This includes trucks like the Isuzu NPR Flatbed Truck, the Isuzu NPR Box Truck, the NPR Refrigerated Truck, and the Isuzu NQR Cab Chassis Truck. [17][18] It had single round headlights and a KA-series chassis code; it came with the same 1,471 cc (1.5 L) G150 engine as fitted to period Isuzu Belletts, rated at 68 PS (50 kW). And the engines at the heart of the N series have loads of both. [citation needed], The sixth generation Elf/N series was introduced in December 2006 (High Cab and Wide Cab) and February 2007 (Regular Cab). Pre-Owned. Powered by a durable 5.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine with 215-hp and 452 lb.-ft. of torque. In February 1987, a facelifted version with a grille of only two larger segments appeared, at which time the engine lineup was also altered. There was a double-cab version available, as well as special bodywork for dedicated purposes such as a soda truck, a dumper, and a tanker. Need a truck that can tackle the road, even when there isn't a road? The chassis codes were changed to TL321/351 for the diesel version, reflecting the installation of the all new DL201 engine. More ISUZU Cab Chassis Trucks for sale at TruckSmart Isuzu If the system detects that your It is offered with a full factory warranty. The N Series’ Automated Manual Transmission has been built specifically for Australian trucking demands and features improved calibration for local conditions. There was also a "Route Van" model with a glazed rear compartment and seating either three or six passengers, as well as the "Elf Bus" which was available in two models from 1960. It’s not an unusual occurrence. TB2518 turbo cartridge CHRA 466898 8943829000 for Isuzu NPR Truck 3.9 L 4BD1T. Instead a low-floor model of the Elf 150 was added to the lineup in 1974, featuring small twinned rear tires. In North America, GM sold the Isuzu N series as the Chevrolet and GMC W-Series until 2009. [19] In January 1977, a 250 Low-Flat model was added, followed in 1978 by a facelift and an altered front grille. Chassis drawings have moved to a new section. This carries the TL251 chassis code.[11]. Classified Ad. Isuzu NPR-HD trucks provide you with the features you need to help drive up productivity while driving down your cost of ownership. For the past ten years, Darryl has owned and operated Darryl Moore Electrical, specialising in major insurance and emergency electrical repairs in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Our engines are legendary for their power, economy and long life. Check out this Isuzu Npr. C $89.91. New 2021 ISUZU NPR-HD Cab Chassis Truck for sale in Morrisville,PA PA #12349. For the common Andinian market (including Chile and Peru), the truck has been assembled in the GM-Colmotores assembling plant in Bogotá, Colombia since 1991, with annual quantities already of 20,000 up to 60,000 units. Give us a call at 800-873-3875. With the cab tilt, mechanics can even work on the truck comfortably, sitting on the front wheels of the truck as they perform service to the engine. [24] The smaller Tiltmaster/Forward W4 has a 126 hp (94 kW) diesel inline-four engine while the heavier W6 received a 154 hp (115 kW) six-cylinder diesel. In 1962 the engines were updated, and were now rated at 72 and 55 PS (53 and 40 kW) respectively.