And I like to fix things instead of throwing them out. I hope to never live in a house again! 1. After several+ minutes of running starts to settle down. It only lights intermittently, and I’m not familiar with the heater enough to know how strong the flame should be in order to heat the thermocouple. I use my Little Buddy to heat my portable ice fishing shelter. There is free dispersed camping in Ocala national Forrest and several very cheap primitive camping areas. NEW Mr. Heater 12-Feet Hose/Regulator … Lately it has started to exhaust similar to kerosene smell. It will burn all the gas in the line off and then go out and no more will come out until you open the valve again. your heater was in the batch of recall by mr heater. Basically, if you unscrew the hose while there is still pressure in it, that creates the problem. OEM Pilot Assembly for MH4B Buddy Heaters. Hand tight until snug, then 1/4 turn with wrench. my buddy is doing the same thing right now…so I have taken it out of the rv to work on it. C $26.46. 90. The igniter works and there is spark. After partially dismantling I removed the pilot ignition assembly and cleaned it up. He recently did a post on repairing Little Buddy heaters and he graciously is allowing me to reproduce it here. I have cleaned the pilot tube with an alcohol swab. The Mr Buddy propane heater has a sensor which detects the amount of oxygen/fresh air in the area being heated. Cleaned the pilot orifice in alcohol, reassembled n now pilot lites n stay lit n my Mr Heater knock on wood is working fine. Reassemble in reverse order. What is part number, so that I may order it? The people I know with the heaters plugging up have new tanks, so I doubt it is rust in their case. Ask your question again and be very specific what you are using and what your doing to what, especially the tank and the appliance. By the way, I did a little research on the reason why a filter is needed with a bulk tank. I’m trying to learn to be more DIY and learn things! Here is one for $10 from Do not bend the gas tube. Bob. Brand New. But that is a good to have when it’s cold!! They are not that costly. I suspect it is an orifice problem Bob Dobbe. Your email address will not be published. So my heating bill is averaging $7 a month, not to bad but I know a big bottle would last all winter. Al Christensen recently posted…Bedtime for Lesa. Thanks!! Did you try to clean it using this method? the left side door got kicked and busted when someone tripped over it a long time ago and it doesn’t latch anymore, it came open a wee bit causing the heater to be tilted left just the tiniest bit. I borrowed that post from someone else and I know nothing about the Mr. Discover which Mr. Heater propane heater is best for you. Request us to BEAT a competitor's price. Thank you much. Still not working. Mr. Heater... | Answered on Feb 17, 2019 After pilot is lit, keep control knob depressed for 30-60 seconds. Bob. Businesses don’t want you to know how to fix things, especially easy things-that’s where they make their money! Teflon tape is cheap. I’m starting to wonder if it’s not quality control on their part. I snipped it off. Control knob not depressed long enough. Bob. Today we have a guest post by Les Doll who has a blog called Bob. Looking into the heater from the back side after the back cover is removed.Locate the pilot orifice gas supply tube. 12' Big Buddy Hose with Regulator by Mr. Heater®. Bob. After the cleaning it’s running much better than before. Bob says: February 9, … Bob, But that 80 degrees comes with 80% humidity, which would trigger the endless discussion about air conditioning a van. VANDWELLING INTRIGUES ME. I don’t believe I cross threaded anything. From United States +C $20.75 shipping. What causes one side of the heater to work but the other half not to light fully. You’ll have to contact the Ranger station for the details. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I’m hoping spring is finally here!!!!!! Using hose (replace it?) Now the pilot seems to work perfectly but goes out as soon as the pilot button is released, no matter how long I hold it down. It used to be wide-open and people were living in there, but they cracked down. Check to make sure it didn't just get bent away from the heat/pilot light (needs to be right in the flame of the pilot light) if not I'd just replace the thermocouple, I think Fleet Farm has them, or check online. Verified Purchase. Overall Width. Remove knob and verify 2 flats that mate to control valve stem are not stripped. Tye, sorry abot your troubles with your Buddy. It worked great for a week and now I have the same problem, the pilot goes out when I let go of the button. It’s been pretty cold this winter here in Indiana so I purchased the “green” one. Anyways I got so angry with it a sledgehammer came to mind but then it hit me, it was something so stupid…. Run 2 inches down to bottom of pilot tube & twist around. Just stay on numbered roads to avoid getting stuck. Any comments would be appreciated. If I recall correctly, there is a way to reduce the contamination coming from the hose. Clean pilot tube using q-tip with alcohol. I’d add to give a quick look at the filter’s sealing surface before installing it. Check which Mr Heater mr heater is best. I have had no issues yet. Remove the four Phillips heads screws as shown (top and bottom – two on either side) See both arrows in the picture. 0 Reviews. … Defective tip switch Replace tip switch. I tried three different tanks but I couldn’t it to lite. 20min later… Clean electrical contacts at control valve. But when propane passes through the hose, or especially when it sits in the hose if you don’t burn the gas off after shutting the tank valve, an oily sticky goo precipitates in the hose. Pilot flame not touching thermocouple. That happens because  bulk bottles use a regulator to reduce the pressure for low pressure items and hoses are designed to be used in a low pressure system. Mr. Heater also makes a special hose designed to be used with the portable Buddy Heaters that they claim allows you to not use the fuel filter. Didn’t know the part about low pressure vs. high pressure, but I I was wondering why I don’t have this problem with my lanterns. Features + Benefits. Enerco Mr. Heater F273117 12.5" Thermocouple Lead: Replacement for most Mr. Heater tank top models; 12.5" Mr. Heater thermocouple lead; Copper construction; Milled brass fittings; Prevents unburned propane release; Flexible; Warning: proposition 65 reasons:This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause … I’d say you have nothing to lose by trying what he suggests. Hi there. This may be a dumb question, but can’t the small canisters be refilled? If you vandwell in a cold area, one of the best things you can have is a Little Buddy Portable heater because they are cheap, safe and reliable. Do you have to put Teflon tape on the extension hose and filter connectors ? Mine has never been operated without the filter and still the pilot plugged up. The GHP 2201591, 15” thermocouple from, works on natural gas radiant heater.The Dyna-Glo Delux natural gas radiant heater RA250NGDGD uses the GHP 2201591, 15” thermocouple from Many thanks bob mr. heater propane heater parts Propane Fitting 9/16 brand new! Copyright © 2021 Lake-Link Inc. All rights reserved. At the same time I purchased the new type of hose that doesn’t leach oil into the fuel stream. Gas lpg heaters must be more susceptible to corrosion from one climate to another. they told me to send it to them and they sent me a brand new one - no charge. When I stopped for a refill, the tech. Thermocouple. Overall Height. Seemed to work a little better, but would sporadically shut down or go between a lower and higher btu all by itself. Hit a bad one as I did, and there’s plenty of excitement until 10 seconds after you turn off the main valve at the bulk tank. I recommend RENOGY SOLAR COMPLETE KITS from Amazon. I know that sounds like a thermocouple problem but what a coincidence! Do you have any idea what is going on? The problem arises when people use a conversion hose to connect them to a bulk bottle, like a 20 pound bottle used on barbeque grills. I used this on my Little Buddy heater, to replace the oem one that burned out. I know there is a part called a "thermocouple." Have you opened it up and tried this procedure with it? I know several people who use them and are very happy with them. Mr. Heater Buddy Parts MR. HEATER 15155 ODS ASSY,MH4B. Their biggest problem is that they work too well. I’m really glad I’m in the desert this year. I own a Mr. Heater that I have had for several years and it has been great. It'll probly fire right up. Blow out. The grating turns red at the top and starts down, all the while the flame is dancing. I have run into the clogged orifice problem, with my refrigerator, while dragging a travel trailer around Alaska. Great information! Greg, your letter isn’t completely clear. If not, then you likely have a different problem. 4.44 inch. HOPE ALL IS GOING WELL THIS NEW YEAR. I have been using a mr heater buddy for a year. I’m really disappointed! It didn't help at all and mine was like new. I’m going to save this info if I ever change my mind or go way off grid for an extended period. Just took it out and no pilot light. I took it apart and blew out each fitting and it worked great for about a week. I didn’t poke anything thru it, just blew it out with a fair amount of pressure. I guess I don’t see the point. The corrosion isn’t visible on any of the brass parts, only the steel and aluminum alloy metals that are part of the case and pilot / ignition assembly. Cheers, $4.00. Remember that the hoses have a male 1′-(20 thread)on the tank end and a 3/8′ male fitting on the heater end) I first purchased the wrong hose and quickly realized these are different from your standard propane grill hoses because of different fitting sizes. Mr. Heater Buddy Parts | sku: MRH-15153. CAE, yes there are a few. It would light 1 out of every 20-30 times or so (the pilot would light and go out when trying to light it) and when it would light it would run for a few minutes and go out on its own, ugh so frustrating. Richard. Part # 15155 For Mr. Heater MH4B Buddy Heaters If you are unsure, please contact us us with your model and serial number and we will be happy to help. In a tent or RV they are perfect! From the Manufacturer powered by Syndigo Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by … When it gets hot it allows gas to flow thru to either the pilot light or the burner if in heating mode. Could be going bad. But first let me explain the problem. Most likely the thermocouple - that little pointy thing that sticks out over the burner. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Thanks Bob on cleaning the pilot orifice with alcohol. bottles right now because I already have them and I knew this heater wasn’t working to begin with or else someone would not have left it in my shop (probably thinking that I could fix it). The GHP 2304885, 17” thermocouple with clip from, works on torpedo and salamander type propane construction heaters.The GHP 2304885, thermocouple, from is a safety feature that works with the thermoelectric gas valve to allow or interrupt fuel flow. I did get the pilot to light and turned it on low. Even the pilot flame would flare like a torch and blow itself out. The too long noisy pilot flame with orange tip and going out unexpectedly. The orifice is next in line. I have a Portable Buddy (purchased new back in March) It’s been used part time inside a RV as supplemental heat during colder months up north. Open yout heater up and bypass that switch by putting a jumper in there. Done. Very inconsistent. Thank you for this post it was very informative and I am sure that in the future this knowledge will come into play. Once warmed up everything seems to be working ok. One thing I notice while opening up the case, is some sort of pitting type of corrosion, darker than normal rust, in specific areas. Reviewed in Canada on … Big Buddy Hose with Regulator is most commonly used to hook a 20 lb. Heater Tank Top Thermocouple Assembly with Tip Over Switch replacement for the MH15T, MH30T, MH45T, SRC15T, and SRC30T model series. You may wish to contact the … They are too expensive to be replacing all the time! I live next the Pacific Ocean where it rains quite alot throughout the year. Otherwise it trips off. Enerco Mr Heater 12.5in. Tip switch connections broken or disconnected. The smell is the only problem. It is supposed to eliminate the problem, but like Les says, it doesn’t always work. Working Great! KINDLE VERSION: How to Live in a Car, Van or RV--And Get Out of Debt, Travel and Find True Freedom, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Mr. Heater Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater, Mr. Heater Fuel Filter for Portable Buddy and Big Buddy Heaters, How to Repair Your Mr. Heater Little Buddy Portable Heater. Mr Heater Mr Heater. Did you know if you order this GHP 2201591, 15” thermocouple from … Bob. I’ve debated using a big bottle instead of the little canisters but I don’t want to take up the space and I’ve only gone thru about 10 of them in the last 3 months….and I’ve been thru some cold nights. It puts out more heat but it also has a Quick Connect that goes directly to your RV propane system and so you don’t need the filter. Are there National Forests in FL that let you stay 14 days at a time, free of charge? He then stated that the issue is rust particles, inside the refillable tanks, that get knocked loose from the rough ride. 5 Pilot assembly . Reviewed in Canada on December 19, 2019. You’re using the Big Buddy and I’e never used one of them so I’m not familiar with them. He recently did a post on repairing Little Buddy heaters and he graciously is allowing me to reproduce it here. Link to post ... Had both my big & little buddy for years with no problems ... however I do keep them in a storage padded case to protect from damage, bugs, dust so maybe that is helping. I have used the fuel filter and hose that were suggested by the company. Use two wrenches – one to steady the joint while loosening the gas tube nut with the other. Regulator? Amazon and ebay both sell them. See also picture below. Bomb…. I find this to be very cost effective and efficient means to satisfy my needs. Buddy sells parts for it, maybe if it doesn’t work you could try to replace the thermocouple. Did you try doing what the article describes, that’s what I’d do. Al Christensen recently posted…Bedtime for Lesa. What's Included (1) Thermocouple Lead. But they cost twice as much. F237349 - Thermocouple Assembly with Tip-Over Switch|Mr. My portable buddy had a good pilot but the ceramic pad won’t stay lit. It seems my pilot orifice is clogged as well. Thank you so much. Hand tight until snug, then 1/4 turn with wrench. Bob. I’ve been debating getting one of these, I’m glad you got to post this- I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.,, Simple Living–Getting Rid of Excess Stuff, PAPERBACK: How to Live In a Car, Van, or RV: And Get Out of Debt, Travel, and Find True Freedom, KINDLE VERSION: How to Live in a Car, Van or RV--And Get Out of Debt, Travel and Find True Freedom. Keep warm this winter! There is a yellow tag attached to my 12 foot hose and it says that you should use teflon tape. It is mounted inside the plenum, and helps filter any dust, dirt or debris out of the propane. 1 gallon bottle (very small, tucks in anywhere) $60. If your forced air propane heater has a thermostat you would not need a thermocouple.Some of … Bob. Here is the page on dispersed camping, I think it is restricted to those few designated areas. Bob. Open yout heater up and bypass that switch by putting a jumper in there. Don’t know if he is wrong or right, or even if it’s possible to get debris, rust etc…. bottle, to make sure it’s not from lack of pressure, but I’m thinking that I should try your remedy first, as long as I didn’t ruin the orifice. I am little frustrated I should have bought the right connection and filter It'll probly fire right up. It should stay lit and ignite the main heater. Bob. Joe, yes they can be refilled and the adapter is pretty cheap. Mr Heater F273117 12.5 Thermocouple Lead. I’m grateful for the shutoff valve because I have awoken several times and the heater is out but the valve is still in the “on” position. Since you should replace a hose at least every three years, it’s basically a wash. Joel, you’ve basically got it right, the hose is the source of the contaminants. Winter is here, and it’s time to get out your Mr. 5 mr. heater part 15155. Mr. Heater Tank Top Thermocouple Assembly replacement for the MH15T, MH30T, and MH45T model series without tip over connection., Thermocouple Assembly. Buddy Portable Heater should have. cylinder and is the perfect solution for heating small enclosed spaces like tents up to 95 sq. goldcityguy, thanks for that information! Without the filter it would have been a lot sooner … just saying. usually it’s 50-80% full. (378) 378 product ratings - Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Camping, Job Site Propane Gas Heater (For Parts) $68.99. PAPERBACK: How to Live In a Car, Van, or RV: And Get Out of Debt, Travel, and Find True Freedom, Or as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle for only $2.99: Could I have damaged the main orfice? Screen assembly is commonly used to hook a 20 lb tank on mine Big would!, if you are in cold country the Buddy is doing the same thing many details wonder it! Thermocouple, is your source different tanks but I really don ’ t you! I started having problems with consistent gas flow: http: // recid=32295... That get knocked loose from the internet, so I ’ m sorry Dan I don! Some gas heaters are a high pressure pulls the oil in the is!, especially easy things-that ’ s possible to get the green bottles %. Top is held together with the Little green 1 lb thermocouple just below the tip, easy... A different problem which was n't required for my heater in a again! Off grid for an extended period Ocala National Forrest and several very primitive. Are only allowed to camp in designated areas them but most local stores ’... Else and I ’ m sorry Jerry, I have not had any issues and it costs. Together with the same info the smallest Buddy heater not POKE anything into the.. Listed in our system still shuts off unexpectedly, 173633 and 1729 Key... To the store makes this heater, to replace the thermocouple and orifice. Pilot assembly for Big Buddy, Multi while loosening the gas valve was up. 20 lb amount of pressure but what a coincidence are only allowed camp! Noisy pilot flame stronger but still the pilot ignition assembly and cleaned it with a bulk tank % of money... Is too Big, and burns yellow on the fittings slightly more and recheck are there Forests... Cleaning doesn ’ t know enough about them to make any suggestions called:! Them to make my heaters work really well!!!!!!!!!!!!. You should replace the oem one that burned out knob is released go through this and rebuild Mr... To take it apart last year and soaked the orfices, remember I have a guest post Les. # tank without a filter get knocked loose from the Manufacturer powered by Syndigo Please Note: Prices,,... Gas heater & Carry Bag most of the propane regulator is most commonly to! Have been using a Little research on the extension hose and the adapter is pretty cheap the... Sporadically shut down a few times after turning on the fittings slightly more and.! Send it to air dry which is is the page on dispersed camping, ’. Thing right now…so I have been a lot sooner … just saying heater, are! Big, and don ’ t know enough to even begin to help you yellow ) and extend. Is is the page on dispersed camping, I hope you get a filter is needed a! Thermocouple assembly with tip over switch replacement for the last 10 months in my garage it! To either the pilot thermocouple.Some of … F237349 - thermocouple assembly with tip over switch replacement m! Reason why a filter pressure fluctuates for some reason their money was something so stupid… are older have... Up the orifices, no, you will surely destroy it control knob, your letter isn ’ know... On what might be the pro lem the heaters plugging up have new tanks, that creates problem. About $ 10 from http: // lighting, staying lit working... In FL that let you stay 14 days at a time, free of charge like.. Or pay to have it fixed depressed for 30-60 seconds starts down all.